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Halloween Outfit Post

I plan to do more outfit posts- I've probably said that before but now bee season is over, all the more time for dresses!

Here's my Halloween outfit this year, I love the shape of the Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and the colour combinations in the harlequin prints are amazing. I also got to wear my Miss Pinup UK goody bag brooch- which is the Bride of Frankenstein from Small Victories Handmade. Please check out Hannah's pieces, they are absolutely stunning and I'm all for supporting homegrown businesses, small businesses support big dreams!

I love Halloween, since I was little I've always carved pumpkins and watched the best films. I don't do scary films so I'm talking Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus kind of level but they are my favourites!

My spooky Halloween backdrop was provided by weekend crafts with my niece and nephew. They love coming for a holiday craft day! This year we used paper plates to make monster, spiders and…

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